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Welcome to ASA Kompressor

ASA has been developing and producing high-speed, mechanically driven centrifugal compressors for over 30 years. We are partner of various OEM manufacturers and supply in the series as Tier 1 supplier. Our compressors are unique in the world and ideal for innovative projects of any kind …

Time to torque

The supercharging of internal combustion engines, thanks to ASA compressors, leads to sports engines with the ultimate in responsiveness …

Exhaust optimization

For the clean operation of diesel engines in the transient area, the ASA compressor is the means of choice …

fuel cell

Efficient supply of contamination-free air for the operation of fuel cells …

Compressed air generation

Efficient compressed air supply through high-speed drive, radial compression & modern sealing technology …


The fastest possible torque build-up of an internal combustion engine (response, time to torque) at a load request, especially in turbocharged engines, is possible with the connection of an ASA compressor …

High speed special gearbox

The proven spur gear of our compressors is also suitable for special solutions in drive technology.

Exclusive „FINAL EDITION“ Compressor Kit for
BMW M3/E9x
> BMW 330i/E46-Z4/E85

We stop the production. The last kits are only available from us, while stocks last. Spare parts and support continue to be provided through ASA.

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