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T1 – 317 / T1 – 317hd

World record! With 2 ASA T1-317hd superchargers, the infinitas Hurricane becomes the worlds fastest sedan in the world at 372 km/h (231 mph).


The ASA T1-317 in its hd variant can cover higher speeds. The supercharger unit is even more precisely balanced and uses selected components such as hybrid bearings with outer-/ inner steel rings and ceramic ball berings, resulting in smaller centrifugal forces and higher bearing stiffness.

Technische Daten
air mass flow (hd): max. 1.800 kg/h (1.850 kg/h)
pressure ratio (hd): max. 3,5 (3,95)
rated speed (hd): 105.000 1/min (115.000 1/min)
internal gear ratio: 1:15
mass: 5,5 kg
part number T1-317: P300-00-82
part number T1-317hd: P300-00-89

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