The ASA Supercharger T1

In 1995, the development of our first compressor was completed. Since then, this mechanically driven centrifugal compressor has become the “calling card” of ASA. Its special technology is constantly being optimized and has proven itself many times successfully.

Worldwide unique features are u. a. Its compact and form-fitting gearbox (i = 1: 15) with the high-speed roller bearing compressor unit. This results in a high-power density, as well as a high degree of efficiency. This is mainly guaranteed by the use of a almost friction-free, as contactless, seal between the gearbox and the compressor chamber and the consistent use of roller bearings for all rotating components. We would like to emphasize once again the naturally rolling, up to 130,000 rpm, high-speed compressor unit.

As a rule, the ASA T1 compressor is supplied with lubricating oil from the internal combustion engine via a bypass circuit.

The compressor housing can be rotated 360 degrees freely about its axis of rotation to the compressor unit.

The large gear ratio (i = 1:15) allows the use of large pulleys to transmit large drive torques and prevent belt slippage.

Our HD variants are equipped with hybrid rolling bearings in the compressor unit. The rotating rolling elements used here then no longer consist of metallic but of ceramic material. In order to continue to meet the higher demands, we use even more, higher-quality components.

In addition to its ASA standard design, the external geometry, gear housing with its attachment points as well as the compressor side in many projects (eg BMW Alpina B5, B6, B7, BMW North America BMW 7, Iveco, Caterpillar, various Formula 1 & University applications, etc.) adapted to customer requirements.