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Innovative production of gases

Founded in 1983 in its roots by today’s company leader Christian Stöber, ASA is already relatively “old” for an innovative company.

Initially engaged in the field of standard vehicle construction, but was soon querged. Thus the idea for the development of a reliable, compact device with high power density and best efficiency for the promotion of gaseous media originated. After a deeper immersion in this topic, ASA’s first corresponding product was presented to the public in 1995: the ASA T1 compressor, which became our calling card through its success.

To make good use of these advantages in various fields of application strives for our spirit, because we would like to expand our use even more than the charging of internal combustion engines, which is currently taking place in the main. This new economic possibility for conveying gaseous media, mostly our ambient air but also partially exotic gases, opens up countless fields of application.

First used in the vehicle aftermarket, then came in 2002, the collaboration with Alpina, then later the use directly at BMW North America with a small series of the BMW 7-er. These projects, BMW & Alpina are in addition to your enthusiasm for innovation and extremely quality-conscious, was a great test for us. We have successfully implemented it in good cooperation from the beginning, and of course learned a lot.

Furthermore, u. a. extremely compact conditioning test benches based on the ASA compressor, up to Formula 1, successfully implemented. Even in tugs used in agriculture proved a concept for unrivaled fast filling of the tires, but this was unfortunately not implemented in the turmoil of the 2009 recession. The bad economic situation hit us hard, but we were able to survive the crisis largely unscathed.

In 2010 we were called as a “fire department” to a project at Iveco. It had to be developed in a very short time a combined charge for two marine engines. As a development partner, our strength lies in the smart, short-term integration of our T1 compressor into the modern Cursor engines C9 and C13. The combination of Turbo, BiTurbo and our compressor quickly reached their destination. Was the Aufgeabenstellung very demanding, for example, because our compressor had to be in the air path after the turbo, the compressor in the up and down run (? Down?) By an electromagnetic clutch from his drive had to be switched on / off, and many other ausvorferungen, the project goal was achieved quickly. We became the TIER 1 supplier, so we can deliver directly to the band. The combination of supercharged turbo allows for better exhaust performance, lower timeto torque times and even better fuel economy in this downsizing project.

Furthermore, we are currently in many interesting and promising projects. engaged In these the reliable & economical possibility for the air promotion, recognized by far-sighted decision makers is examined.

The everywhere encountered “mainstream” does not hit us. There are only a few products today that allow you to differentiate yourself from the competition, so there is no other “Me Too” product available. The use of the ASA compressor, complemented by its cost-effectiveness, guarantees this rare possibility.

We would be glad, if you too would demand us with your extraordinary ideas!